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 Hypnotherapy Supervision [Top]

Viola Baxevanis Clinical Hypnotherapist Government Accredited ( AACHP ) Supervisor, offers professional and clinical supervision and training for Clinical Hypnotherapists as part of their Associations registration requirements.

Supervision is a crucial aspect of every therapists profession to ensure effective and efficient therapeutic practice and fulfilling government regulations and compliance's .

Viola values the benefits of supervision, assisting you to be the best therapist you can be for your clients benefits and for the profession as a whole.

Viola’s supervision is providing you with a supportive, confidential and non judgmental environment where you can feel save to discuss sensitive profession related areas and grow as a therapist.

Aspects of Supervision

  • Empower the supervisee to grow professionally with the guidance of an accredited and trained supervisor
  • Inform the supervisee of legal, ethical, privacy and professional policies to enable her/him to enhance current abilities, self reflection, ongoing learning and professional development
  • Assist the supervisee if being subpoenaed and managing legal requests for client files
  • Assist the therapist with case notes and record keeping
  • Assist the therapist with mandatory reporting

Viola Baxevanis is a Registered Clinical Supervisor with the AACHP

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